CRUCIAL INFO for the AMPD Rock Band Program!

Parent & Student Information

This video details all of the important things that students and parents need to know in order to participate in our famous AMPD Student Rock Band Program for the upcoming school year. All Students and Parents who did not attend the AMPD Meeting at the student Fest location on September 18th must view this information and sign the AMPD Participation Policy in order to secure a spot in the program.

All AMPD students and parents must read and sign the AMPD Participation policy in order to participate in the program.  PLEASE READ THE POLICY CAREFULLY!  You may also find it very helpful to view the above video.  WE WANT ALL AMPD STUDENTS TO HAVE A CLEAR UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT THEIR COMMITMENT TO THE AMPD PROGRAM ENTAILS.  The AMPD participation policy and AMPD teacher contact information can be accessed and printed by clicking on the icons below.