Other Teachers We Recommend

The On Track Music Guitar School has developed close relationships with the region’s very best music teachers.  Here are some of those teachers that we endorse who work closely with our program.  All of these teachers have studio space at On Track, but they do their own scheduling for private lessons.

Drum Lessons With The Groove Dr.’s!

Sneez and Sherrie Senese may very well be the world’s only drum teaching duo.  Together they offer the very best drum set instruction available.  They are co-founders of our famous AMPD Student Rock Band Program and  partners in all of our school programs and events.  Their enthusiastic and motivating personalities allow them to connect with students of all ages and ability levels.  If you are looking for drum lessons there is simply no better choice than The Groove Dr’s.


Bass Lessons With Russ Hodges!

Russ Hodges is a Master Bass Player with nearly three decades of playing experience.  His teaching methods help put young people through college and into professional music based careers.   Russ currently plays with Rock It Science, SMCC (South Mountain Community Church) and Slaymaker Hill.  His music has been shared on stages throughout the world via film, CD, live stage and new media.  Russ shares studio space and offers lessons at the On Track Music facility.


On Track’s Vocal and Performance Coach – Sean Patrick


Sean Patrick has close to two decades of professional singing experience.  His method is to focus in on the music you want to sing and give you confidence in your vocal performance so you can jump in with the band, get more fun out of your next karaoke party, or sound better in the shower.  Sean teaches on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 9pm.  Call today to schedule your free half hour trial lesson!  School Office 801.272.7917.


Professional Piano/Keyboards with Emilee Floor

Emilee Floor is an amazing Pianist/Vocalist who hales from
Salt Lake City but has spent over a decade playing
professionally in New York City. She has been the resident
pianist at the famed Waldor-Astoria hotel and has played and
recorded with many Jazz greats. Emilee is also co-founder of
the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival. She is currently
accepting piano/keyboard students at the On Track Studio.