Here are some testimonials that have been written about On Track Music.


My son has been a student at On Track Guitar School for a few years and I can say it has been a wonderful experience for him. He loves his private lesson, his Amp’d band and other classes he has taken at On Track. I have seen his confidence in all parts of his life grow over the last few years and I attribute a lot of this to the Amp’d program. Winter break at the school starts next week and I know my son will be lost for those two weeks without lessons and band practice. He looks forward to going so much. Scott, Sneeze and Sherrie really care about their students. They are great teachers and they know how to make it fun.

J. Hardman


As an adult guitar student I was looking for a good balance of instruction, playing music with other musicians and performance opportunities. At On Track I was very happy to find what I was looking for and more. I would absolutely recommend On Track to anyone, young and adult, who wants to learn how to play music and perform.

J. Hendrikse


My son and daughter have participated in the AMP’D program. This program has not only given both of my children an amazing musical and performance background, but has given them self confidence, discipline and the skills to work and collaborate with others. I highly recommend this program. ROCK ON!



On Track Music Guitar School has become an important extension of my family. My child started taking guitar and singing lessons in 2012 and was invited to sing with one of their AMPD bands. The AMPD band program takes students of all ages and helps them form youth and adult student rock bands which perform at several events each year. I have experience singing and playing guitar in bands and I can assure anyone interested that the AMPD program accurately shows how bands work and play together.

T. Edwards


On Track is so supportive, gives great opportunities, and really teaches you the fundamentals of guitar. Not only have I learned to play at age 41, but I’m in a rock band and living my teenage dream! They are the best, and do a great job of making you feel like you’re the best as well.

W. Otters


On Track Guitar School… Where dreams really do come true! Want to learn guitar the right way? Want to play in a rock band? This is the place. I’ve been taking private lessons with Scott Graves for about a year, and also joined one of the adult AMP’D bands at On Track Guitar School. It’s been Awesome. Scott is a professional musician and an excellent teacher. The band practices weekly in a studio set up with everything you need. We then get to play live shows at different venues like Wingers Roadhouse Grill, Draper City Amphitheater, Pat’s BBQ, and more. So put down that Guitar Hero game and come play for real! ***** 5 Stars!

B. Tenney


We started a few weeks ago and my son absolutely loves it. Stephanie and Jordan have been fantastic! Really easy to work with and accommodating. Awesome program! I highly recommend.

H. Long


Scott does so much work to help our Amp’d band be successful, I feel supported every step of the way and am learning a ton as I go. He also has explained theory to me in a way that 16 years of previous music instruction couldn’t, and for that I will be grateful. The other teachers at the studio are fab, as well, so it’s not just Scott.

K. McMullin


I have been a student at On Track for about 6-7 years. The program is fantastic and I have learned so much. All the teachers have an eclectic knowledge of music, which means you are able to learn anything you are interested in. I started out learning metal songs, progressed to 80’s hair bands, then to classical, then to the blues, and I’m currently working on the jazz along with music theory. Last year I was trying out for my high school’s jazz band. I told Scott I have 3 weeks to learn some basic jazz stuff. He was more than enthused to help me out and I ended up making the jazz band with 3 weeks of knowledge about jazz. The AMP’d Program is phenomenal as it gives the students a weekly experience on playing with a group of kids in an organized environment. The concerts that On Track puts on cease to amaze me. They motivate students to practice harder to prepare for the shows. All in all On Track has taught me so much and I recommend it to any one interested in learning the guitar, playing in a band, or wanting to master the art of guitar.

H. Frederiksen


As a parent of a student, I would highly recommend this program to anyone who has kids that want to learn guitar. Here are just some of the reasons we think On Track is the best around: 1. Excellent instructors with different experience levels to meet your skill and price range. 2. The AMP’d Rock Band Program. 3. Amazing Performance opportunities from small acoustic sets to big rock concerts. 4. Great organization for the events they put on each year. For example, the annual Student Fest has over 200 performers. It is 2 days of jam packed performances. However, If they say your kid is coming on between 3:00 and 4:00, they come on between 3:00 and 4:00. This is a Great Program!!!!!!!!!