Guitar Lessons

At On Track Music we offer a variety of lesson formats in both private and group settings. Because the study of music is such an extensive subject, our program allows students to expand their knowledge of the instrument by studying different aspects of the musical experience throughout their course of study.


Private Lessons (for beginner to professional):


Private guitar lessons can be taken on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Most private students will take a half-hour lesson once a week or a one-hour lesson every other week (for a total of two hours worth of private lesson time per month). Students are certainly welcome to book as much studio time as they feel their budget will allow; however, students are required to take a minimum of two hours worth of lesson time per month in order to take part in the private lesson program. See the ‘Staff’ page to help find the right private teacher for you; or contact us and we’ll help you to find the ‘best fit’ for your individual needs.


AMPD Student Rock Band Program (intermediate to advanced, based on teacher recommendation):

An AMPD band is an exciting way to employ all of the techniques that are taught in the private program in a real live-playing situation. Students learn how to interact with other musicians in a real band format with guitarists, bass players, vocalists, drummers and keyboards. Students in the AMPD program learn the right way to put a musical group together. Participating in an AMPD band can dramatically increase all sorts of playing skills. From solo improvisation and music theory to just plain “feelin’ the groove,” students learn to work together to render a top-notch musical performance. Each year, AMPD performers are given numerous opportunities to play at exciting public events. Our AMPD Student Rock Bands are always one of the most anticipated features at our famous “Student Fest” Annual Music Fair. For more details on the famous AMPD Student Rock Band Program view the AMPD video or click on the corresponding tab on the home page.


Exciting Summer Music Program!

At On Track Music we offer an amazing array of Summer Group Classes designed to skyrocket your musical skills.  These fun filled classes are only offered from June through August and have been described to us by students and parents as the highlight of their Summer events.

One of our most popular Summer Programs is the Summer Jam Class.  A less formal version of our famous AMPD Student Rock Band Program, the Summer Jam Class allows students to play in a real band for the Summer time and perform at our Annual Summer Jam outdoor concert event held each year in August.


We also offer Summer Specialty Classes on everything from Beginning Guitar to Super Advanced Playing Techniques.  Specialty classes vary from year to year so look for our Summer Program info for the current year or contact the school office for details.


Pricing for lessons is dependent upon the program in which you enroll.

Call the School Office at 801.272.7917 for more information!