AMPD Student Rock Band Details for 2013-2014 School Year

Hello AMPD Candidates!


In order to be a part of On Track Music’s famous AMPD Student Rock Band Program you must understand some of the key details about how our program works.  Students and parents must also sign an AMPD Participation Policy stating that they have read and understand the terms and conditions for participating in the AMPD Program.  Doing so protects everyone’s investment in the program, including YOURS 🙂


At the beginning of each school year we hold a meeting at the Student Fest location, where we give a presentation of what students can expect when they enroll into the AMPD program for that year.   Any AMPD student and parent who did NOT attend that meeting can view the information that was covered on the video below.  The video is a 19 minute condensed version of the live meeting (which took about an hour).


Once you have viewed the video you may also print an AMPD participation policy directly from this page.

Everyone must sign and return the participation policy in order to participate in the program!

Please view the video and return the signed policy to the office as soon as possible.

Thank You!


Scott Graves