Student Fest Recap

Student Fest is one of the coolest aspects of the On Track Music & Groove Dr’s program!


 Student Fest is our super cool annual Student Music Fair.  It is the largest concert event that we produce all year.  Student Fest features over 200 hundred student performers and crowds in excess of 2500 fans.   Each year we give away thousands of dollars worth of killer prizes over an entire weekend of fun packed events.  A family friendly affair, Student Fest is supported by local business of all types and is recognized as a benefit to the entire community.

ATTENTION:  After two years of scaling down Student Fest due to COVID, this year we were SUPER stoked to return to our FULL-BLOWN Student Fest Extravaganza as On Track Music celebrated “30 Rockin’ Years” of teaching our students the Right Way To Learn To Play!  Click Here for details 🙂


 Here is an overview of some of the action that has taken place at past Student Fests.





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