Meet The AMPD Elite Band!

Without a doubt, the band most deserving of the title “AMPD Elite” for the 2012-2013 school year is the veteran act “Silk n Suede”.  These guys proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are THE flagship band of the AMPD program when they brought down the house at this year’s Winter Expo, held at Pat’s BBQ on Saturday, February 2nd.

Silk n Suede is fronted by long time AMPD member and lead vocalist Lexi Senese.  Her smooth vocal style is the perfect counter part to the power punching guitar due of string masters Hunter Frederiksen and Tristan Reeve.  The rhythm section is rounded out by another AMPD veteran, Hunter Laver (definitely the “buffest” drummer in town), and newcomer and thundering bass player Rob Canfield.

One of the most unique things about this band is that they are not just a bunch of pretty faces.  Seriously!  These guys are as smart as Scott and Sneez are sexy (and maybe even more so)!  With one of the band members recently completing early graduation from high school and three of the other members being enrolled in the I.B. programs in their respective high schools, it’s a wonder that they can even find the time be the top band in the program!  The members of Silk n Suede are all hard working, motivated, and responsible individuals who are great roll models for other young adults.  That is why On Track Music and the Groove Dr’s are proud to call them the 2012-2013 AMPD Elite Band